PIG Launchers and Receivers

SAFS has a vast knowledge base and proven track record of delivering both subsea and topside PIG Launchers and Receivers (PLRs). All PLRs are designed to the latest client requirements including topside, subsea, temporary and permanent service specifications.


Dedicated in-house engineering, project management and manufacturing team

Our highly bespoke solutions include:

  • Pressure Ranges up to 15,000 PSI (1024 BAR).
  • Line Pipe sizes up to 36″.
  • Complete with Skid/Bump Protection Frames.
  • Topside and Subsea designs.
  • Deepwater applications in excess of 2,000m.
  • Complete with ROV operable subsea ball valves and Hot Stab Equipment.

Decades of field proven solutions, derived from working closely with our clients.


PIG Retainer

The SAFS Pig Retainer (also  known as a PigLock) provides a reliable mechanism to prevent PIGs moving inside a pipeline during PIG Launcher / Receiver installation and removal operations.

A high yield pin is extended and withdrawn into the barrel by means of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) rotary interface. 

This pin reacts against the nose of the PIG to hold it in position during deployment or retrieval. 

Depending on the PIG size the pin can retain a PIG under a differential Pressure of up to 10 BAR.

    subsea connectors

    Hot Stab Equipment

    SAFS offer Hot Stab equipment on our PLRs.

    The Hot Stab equipment is designed and field proven to provide optimal flow under extreme conditions.


    • Compact, light, cost effective designs
    • Pressure balanced designs
    • Pressure rated up to 15,000 psi
    • Tapered guide insert allows easy alignment with ROV
    • Single operation to engage and disengage
    • Quick operation reduces connection downtime

    Strong relationships with both our clients and suppliers, enabling us to provide market leading equipment in the speediest manner.


    Subsea Ball Valves

    SAFS utilise the Piper Subsea Ball Valves on all our PLRs. 

    Piper Ball Valves are field-proven with an outstanding service record.

    All valves come complete with hyperbaric testing to 5,000ft and are available with a range of ROV interfaces to suit the required application.